goTenna Pro X is the world’s smallest, lightest, and most cost-effective tactical mesh networking

radio. Without access to cell, wifi, or satellite, teams can maintain situational awareness and

critical communications in complex operating environments where no service is not an option.

goTenna Pro X tactical-grade VHF/UHF radio devices pair with a native iOS and Android

smartphone application as well as compatible applications like the Android Team Awareness

App (ATAK) for personnel tracking, collaborative mapping, and fully-encrypted chat messaging.

The pocket-sized device connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth or USB, and all data is

displayed in the smartphone application.


Even when unpaired to a smartphone, goTenna Pro X devices can serve as a multi-hop mesh

node for all other Pro X devices – eliminating or reducing the need for base stations and




  • One mesh-networking radio
  • Choice of antenna: UHF, VHF or Both
  • The goTenna Pro Team Awareness App
  • Compatible application plug-ins (like ATAK) with 1-year maintenance agreement
  • Unlimited service user accounts for field administration and configuration

Pro X Tactical Mesh Networking Radio

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