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Fundamentals of sUAS in Public Safety

Next Class : TBD

This is our "basics" class that can be tailored to fit the needs of the individuals and/or organization enrolled.  It is typically a 3-day class taught out at Reveille Peak Ranch, by subject matter experts, our public safety partners from the region.  It can also be taught on-site, at the organization's facility, if needed.  Tailored towards post-Part 107 pilots, our Fundamentals Class focuses on the basics of consistently and safely deploying sUAS on emergency scenes of all types and sizes.  Price varies on size, length & location of class.


Forensic Mapping via sUAS

Next Class : TBD

This 3-day course, by Forensic Mapping Solutions, will provide attendees the necessary instruction to successfully process a crash or crime scene using aerial photogrammetry with Pix4D Mapper software. This training provides a “crash/crime scene to courtroom” workflow utilizing Pix4D generated orthomosaic images and point cloud data in the most common third party software. Use of the Pix4D Capture Application as well as other third party field mapping / flight planning software will be covered and demonstrated to provide best practices at the scene. This course consists of classroom lecture, hands on work projects and field exercises. Learn from the leading crash reconstruction folks as you fly mock car crashes out at the Ranch. $795/student.


Basics of sUAS Photography

Coming soon!

Learn the basics of drone photography AND MORE from GDT's very own Preston Culver.  Preston has been a professional photographer for over ten years, as well as a Part 107 pilot for four.  From the aperature-shutter speed-ISO relationship, to the functional adjustments in various flight apps, this course will increase your knowledge and proficiency in cameras, lighting, techniques and photo troubleshooting.  Whether it's for a mapping mission or real-time aerial recon for command, being able to properly expose your image is paramount to the success of the operation.  This class starts with traditional cameras but will primarily focus on sUAS photography.  Price TBD. 


sUAS Night Ops

Coming soon!


Advanced sUAS for Public Safety

Coming soon!

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